Itch Relief Pen
Itch Relief Pen
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Itch Relief Pen

Itch Relief Pen

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Say goodbye to annoying itching bites from insects. 

The new Itch Relief Pen - For Itching Mosquito Bites uses the latest groundbreaking thermo pulse technology. That amazing pen will create a soothing heat and a subtle vibration on your bite mark. These two effects combined will increase blood circulation on the area, which will totally neutralize the itchy feeling on your skin in a few seconds!

The Itch Relief Pen - For Itching Mosquito Bites is 100% drug and chemical free. Stay healthy.


  • Surface area coverage is 20 mm, enough to completely cover any bug bite
  • Built-in safety feature makes sure it does not overheat
  • Drug & Chemical Free - Non-toxic, gentle on skin, safe to use on adults and on kids over 4 years of age.
  • Reusable device powered by 2AA batteries
  • Safe and easy to use. Just place the Itch Relief Pen Thermo-Pulse metal tip directly on the affected area. Quickly terminates itch and irritation of mosquito bites. No more itch!
  • Thermo-Pulse-Technology - Delivers heat & vibration to the affected area increasing localized blood flow and circulation - soothing the itch.
  • Proven Wellness - Designed, tested and quality assured in the USA.

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