Bike Chain Cleaner
Bike Chain Cleaner
Bike Chain Cleaner
Bike Chain Cleaner
Bike Chain Cleaner
Bike Chain Cleaner
Bike Chain Cleaner

Bike Chain Cleaner

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Maintaining a bicycle is a very important process that prolongs the life span of your bicycle. One crucial maintenance is the cleaning of the bike chain. In as much as it is crucial to clean your bike chain, not everyone likes doing it. The process can be simple if you have a good bicycle chain cleaner to help you through the process. This article features all the information you need to know about bike chain cleaners and how to use it.
Many people use rags and other traditional items to clean a bike. That could work just fine but you would not want to end up with dirty hands and an unclean bike chain. The stubborn stains would not come off easily if you continue to stick to the old methods of bike chain cleaning.

This bike chain cleaner is a clip-like cleaner that is clipped onto the bike chain to clean the chain. You do not need to remove the chain to clean the chain. The bike chain cleaner is made of durable plastic. The internal part of the cleaner is a set of high-quality scrubbing brushes that clean up the bike. The brushes are well attached to the main plastic and you would not have instances of the brush bristles falling off after continuous use. The cleaner package includes one chain cleaner, one brush, and a dentate cleaning tool. 

How to use

You would need the prepare the environment for the cleanup process, this will make it easier to clean up after you are done with the bike chain cleaning. Bike chain cleaning is bound to leave your floor greasy or oily so you can cover the floor with a rag or cloth if you desire. You would need a degreaser to clear the grease or the heavy oil build up on your bike chain. 

You would also need to make sure that the chain is worth cleaning before you begin your clean up process. This is to say that your chain should not be worn out, it should still be useful. If your chain is worn out, then it is advisable to stop the cleaning process and get a new one. If you are certain that the chain is worth the cleanup, you proceed to mount your bike on a repair stand. This will make it easier to see what you are cleaning.

You will then proceed to push the smallest cog and then also push the front chain ring. You can also use a dummy hub in the process. If you are using a dummy hub, you would have to install the dummy hub in place of the back wheel. Even though a dummy hub is not completely required you can use it to keep the dirt away from the wheel. One recommended dummy hub is the DH-1.

The next process is to attach your chain cleaner to the lower part of the chain. You must do this carefully and make sure the chain sit between the brushes of the chain cleaner. Check for a good connection between that part of the chain and the chain cleaner. Once you are sure that the chain is well seated between the brushes, fill up the chain cleaner with the chain cleaning solvent. You must close the chain cleaner over the chain to fill it up. when you are done filling up your chain cleaner, you will then start turning the cranks of your bike backward. Turn the cranks at least 30 times or make at least 30 revolutions. After about 30 revolutions, remove the chain cleaner or scrubber.

Pour the used chain cleaning fluid into a different container and begin the process with a fresh cleaning fluid. You can also use the old fluid when it is settled. After cleaning every part of the chains, rinse the chain cleaner with water. The next process is to fill the chain cleaner with soapy water and begin the cleaning again. Make sure you attach the chain cleaner to the chain properly to ensure that the chain is properly cleaned. It is important to clean other parts of the bicycle when cleaning the chain.

Now, wipe the water off the chain with a clean rug. Make sure the rug is dry and it will be better to use a rug that absorbs water easily. Allow the bike chain to air dry. Then you proceed to lubricate the chain. Lubricate the chain at every rivet. Make sure you clean all excess lubricant since they could collect around the chain and pick up dirt. One recommended lubricant is the Park Tool CL-1. If you used a dummy hub at the rear of your bike, remove it and rear wheel back on. 

  1. You do not have to assemble the bike cleaner. It comes already assembled and ready to use. 
  2. You do not have to disassemble your bike chain before cleaning it. the disassembly process can be quite tedious and it is great that you do not have to remove the bike chain before cleaning it. this saves time.
  3. The bike chain cleaner is easy to use. You need to follow the simple instructions and you will be done even before you know it. 
  4. You can use this without getting dirty. If you loath stained hands and clothes while cleaning your bike chain, you should check the bike chain cleaner out. 
  5. The bike chain cleaner is also easy to maintain and easy to store. 
  6. The opening on the lid allows you to easily fill the chain cleaner with the cleaning fluid. 
  7. This chain cleaner can clean any chain and it also works on all bikes. 
  8. The chain cleaner is also easy to clean by itself. 
  9. The bike chain cleaner offers you a DIY method to keep your bike chain clean and long-lasting.

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